GCU - 104

Description :

GCU-104 is a 3-phase Automatic / Manual Generator controller module including protection for (STANDBY) GEN-SETS. It uses an advanced single chip microcomputer for an easy and trouble free GEN-SET control in case of mains power failures. If mains fail (over / under voltage, loss of mains voltage), GCU-104 initiates an automatic GEN-SET start cycle including load transfer to the generator by switching the generator contactors.
After the main is restored the load will be automatically transferred back to mains and the GENSET will stop after a cool down time. During all cycles, generator is fully protected against malfunction. All alarms occurring at abnormal GEN-SET conditions are computed and displayed either by LED or by LCD display and if necessary the GEN-SET gets stopped.
Values of over/under voltage, frequency and overload current, cooling down time is programmable. The GCU-104 has 30 powerful programmable parameters to fit the program flow to customer needs.



Control & Fault inputs with front panel visual indication

SUPPLY- 8V to 16 V Display of Generator Phase 1,2,3 Voltages Mains supply ON
CURRENTTRANSFORMER- 5 Amp. Display of Mains Phase 1,2,3 Voltages. Mains contactor ON
VAC INPUTS RATINGS- 90 - 300 V @ 50Hz. Display Load Current Phase 1,2,3. DG supply ON
VAC MAXIMUM OVER VOLTAGE -600 V Display of Date & time, load Current. DG contactor ON
SOLID STATE OUTPUT -500 mA Display of Mains & DG KWH Battery low voltage
DIGITALINPUTS -16V Dcmax/Engine Ground Display of Power Factor of R, Y, B Low oil pressure
WEIGHT -800 gms Display of DG Log data, Fault log data , KWH Log Register. High engine temperature
OPERATING TEMPRATURE -0 to 70 degree Cent. 30 programmable parameters.( Programming Protected with Password ) Generator fail to start
DISPLAY ACCURACY + / - 2% of F.S.D. Current transformer ratio programmable. Low fuel level
WARRANTY -1 Year. Site Code & Site ID is Programmable. Generator over speed fault
  12 Digital inputs, 12 relay outputs. Emergency Stop
  Relay outputs for mains and generator contactor. Alarm indication
  Total Mains, DG run hours counter.  
  Display of load current.  
  Service Due message provision.  
  TCP/ IP Protocol for Measuring & Monitoring the Parameters.  

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