UTOJET - 100

Description :

UTO JET - 100 is compact Controller & Printer in one solution ideal for repeat printing jobs. HP TIJ 2.5 technology used in UTO JET - 100 delivers consistent, high quality, fast drying & fast printing with exceptionally sharp and easy to use. Controller is suitable for printing on lables & for all kind of cartons for pharmaceuticals and food industry. The possibilities are infinite.

Special Features :-

Cleanest, Trouble Free Printing
Printing on Porous & Non Porous Material
Easy Editing of Print Objects
Rotate & Scale text, Grabhics &Numbers
Multi language Support
Download Through USB or WiFi
PC Side Software (Windows & Linux)
How it Works :-
Utopia TIJ Printers use print cartridges with a series of tiny electrically heated chambers Constructed by photo lithography. To produce an image the printer runs a pulse of current through the heating elements causing a steam explosion in the chamber to form a vapor bubble, which propels a droplet of ink out of the nozzle placing them precisely on a surface to form text, bar codes or graphics on to the substrate. The ink surface tension as well as the condensation and thus contraction of the vapour bubble, puts a further charge of ink to the chamber through a narrow channel attached to an ink reservoir. The refill is ready to fire again in less than 100 millionths of a second.
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